Ethos Founding Members

Our dream is to create an extraordinary world and to change people’s lives in a positive, lasting way. 

We know how costly it is to travel for business and how challenging it is to connect with a relevant, local community.

Ethos enables change-makers to access local business ecosystems and a community of like-minded, inspiring professionals.

Transformation comes from courageous individuals: entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, academics, authors, philanthropists,  and more.

Ethos is a visionary, membership-based community and hotel that identifies with a shared set of values a centered on elevating the world.

Ethos is bringing uplifting lodging and communal spaces to New York, San Francisco, and London.

 Our Founding members will have full Ethos access: from weekly dinners and intimate panels to wellness events and fireside conversations at our clubhouses. They will also enjoy preferential rates at our 4-star, tech-enabled rooms.  

Our 120 Founding members will come together with diverse backgrounds to help us write the future, inspire one another, and be an integral part of the unique culture we are creating.

In the Spring/Summer of 2020, we look forward to opening the first Ethos location in the heart of Manhattan, home to both our members club and hotel. 

Your contribution supports the launch of Ethos and serves as the foundation of a community where future members will identify with you. Together, we will reinvent hospitality and foster a global community of inspirational change-makers. Questions?

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