Uplifting lodging and communal spaces for a network of visionaries

We are a group of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to a purpose of creating inspiring spaces, and a curated community of change-makers, with a goal to facilitate and ignite a creation of a positive change. We want to blur the lines between business and leisure, cultures and borders, all with an aim to forge new lasting human connections in between like minded professionals.



We live to inspire more authentic connections, by making friends instead of collecting business contacts.


We are reliable, trustworthy, honest, ethical, and fair. Our integrity can’t be questioned! We believe in treating the world the same way we want to be treated.


We strive to be an exception to the rule and to have a growth mindset - to create, innovate, and challenge the status quo.


We value self-confidence, courage, and boldness, not governed by the industry standards and default business goals, but by a desire to spread goodness, smiles, and leave a positive mark in every step we take.


Anyone may be a part of Ethos. The only prerequisite is that you are on a mission to change the world for better, share our values and are willing to contribute to the community and interact with other members. In Ethos there is no comparing, no competing, no judgments, and there is no you - we are all one.


We deeply care about you, us, and our planet. We value family interactions, openness, kindness, and self-awareness. Contributing and giving back is enlightening. We believe that transformative change should occur through the medium of communal participation.


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Janko Milunovic


Janko is a 500 Startups founder, whose first startup was acquired by Coca-Cola. He has since advised dozens of co-working spaces, accelerators, and startup hubs. Janko is a former basketball player and an active skydiver, but his true passion is researching and understanding human consciousness.


Rishabh Singhi


Rishabh co-founded RedDoorz, a budget hotel chain based out of South East Asia that has 2000+ hotels in 150 cities and has raised $200M in venture capital. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading and watching movies. In his retirement, he plans to pursue a career in standup comedy. 


Andrew McCarthy


Andrew practiced as an attorney in law, then pivoted to hospitality and real estate development and advisory. In parallel, he partnered and invested in multiple startups. He is passionate about everything cars, music, mountain biking, and racquet sports. 


Mustafa Shaikh


Mustafa co-founded 36 Chambers, a record label and clothing line inspired by the Wu Philosophy.  He previously served as the VP of Marketing at Boombotix, a venture-backed hardware tech company. In his off-time, you might catch him playing pickup basketball at the park.