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Members-only club for entrepreneurs, founders, digital nomads, and creatives.


Digitized micro-room co-working hotel in New York, San Francisco and London.

A new type of short-term accommodation built on community.

Single private rooms, with a bathroom, and flexible rentals (8h, 12h or 24h).


$120 per night fixed rate


We charge a transparent $120 per night fixed-rate ALWAYS! No fixed check-in/check-out time, our rooms are rentable for 8hrs, 12hrs, and 24hrs. We have no reception desk, gym, or anything that a traditional hotel has, we just provide you with what we consider to be the necessary comfort level and privacy a person should have when are traveling for business. 

Only private rooms with en-suite bathroom


Full comfort and privacy at $120 per night. Every room is equipped with a queen size extra long and extra comfortable bed. Using the latest tech, we enable our guests to have full room control (lights, heating/cooling, etc.) using only their own smartphone, without a need for having a physical room key. Welcome to the digital era!



We designed our rooms to provide you with the optimal amenities you need. We are proud of our magical common area lounge - the place where you can relax, work and meet like-minded individuals staying under the same roof. Never stay disconnected from the local ecosystem again! Your local host will help you make the connections inside and outside ETHOS to get quickly immersed in the local ecosystem. 

A new way of traveling built around community

We are on a mission to re-define hospitality and starting a movement toward humanizing work-travel. 

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Only for the creators, rebels, and business professionals of tomorrow, our MAVERICKS

114 E25th Street

New York, NY 10012


©Inspired by Ethos. Proudly created in the heart of New York City.