Human Connection

When you come to Ethos, whether you're staying for a weekend or enjoying our members club, you'll be entering a curated space designed to inspire. 

Inclusive Community: Approachable and friendly professionals looking to build new connections. Each location has a local ambassador to make sure you feel like part of the family.

Mission-driven Individuals: From fashion designers to tech founders, we bring together the most inspirational people all under one roof. 

Intimate Events: Facilitated, engaging gatherings designed to spark connections that transform into long-lasting relationships. Fireside chats and entrepreneur workshops are just two highlights of our programming.

Ethos. A community-driven hotel and members club for business professionals.



A community of passionate, inspired professionals.

You didn't get to where you are by following an expected path. You follow your gut and challenge the status quo. You're a smart, spirited, agent of change. You have a fresh perspective to give and thoughtfully consider new ideas.

Here at Ethos, our community thrives on the kind of people who rewrite the rules and engage others to rise up along the way. We are committed to building a group of ambitious individuals taking on the world's most complex issues and striving to make humanity better.


Are you an exception to the rule?   

Inspiring Spaces

We designed our physical and digital spaces to be perfect platforms to connect to the community for leisure or work, whether you need a cozy nook, a meeting room, or a quiet place to focus. Relax in our uplifting communal lounges to feel at home in the big city.  Or use our app to reach out to any Ethos member or browse our curated calendar of events. You'll feel proud to invite your guests to share in the experience together.


Sleek, Tech-Enabled Rooms

Our rooms are priced at a $120 flat rate, always. Our booking is personalized for your schedule, not the other way around. We have no fixed check-in/check-out times, and our flexible room rentals are for 8hrs, 12hrs, and 24hrs. Our rooms are optimized with your comfort and privacy as a priority. Every room is equipped with a queen size extra long bed and en-suite shower. Using the latest tech, we enable you to have full control of lights, temperature, and more, with only your smartphone. You won't even need a physical room key. Our app is designed to easily book rooms or connect with other guests and members.